Damascus Steel 

Many of the custom knives that I produce are forged from Damascus Steel. Also known as "Pattern Welded". The steel that I produce is usually formed of different variations of low and high carbon steels.

Typically, I start with five pieces of 5" x 1 1/2" x 1/4" stock. Three pieces of 1095 (high carbon) and 2 pieces of A-203e (low carbon). The pieces are stacked (high carbon on the outside) welded and then a handle is welded to the "billet". The billet is heated to welding heat, forge welded together, lengthened, cut and folded. This process is repeated until I reach the desired number of layers. Usually between 160 and 400 layers. After I forge the blade to shape, it is patterned (ladder pattern, pool eye, etc.), ground, heat-treated and hand sanded.
I then acid etch the blade to bring out the pattern. The blade is cold blued which acts as a rust inhibitor as well as producing an attractive finish.

I also make all high carbon steel Damascus. The process is the same except that only high carbon steels are used. I especially like 1095 and L-6. Cuts great and looks exceptional.

Damascus blades have a beauty of their own. This is also a much tougher steel that seems to cut forever.

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