Knife Photography

One of the best ways to get your knives viewed by the public (knife buyers) is to have your work photographed by a professional. Preferably a photographer who specializes in shooting knives.

One such professional, and in my humble opinion the world's best, is Weyer of Toledo (Jim and Louise Weyer). Jim and Louise have been servicing the knife makers community for many years. Quite a few makers can look to the Weyers as well as their own talents for the level of success that they have reached.

Weyer photos not only get printed in the top knife magazines, but if you are fortunate, one of your knives may appear in Weyer's "Points Of Interest" books. There are different packages offered based on your ability to pay. The least expensive is a Black and White Package. You will get black and white photos of your knife and Jim and Louise will send the photography to the magazines. I prefer to purchase their Color Package. My knives are shot in both color and black and white format.

Weyer will shoot your knife in an illustration shot. These are very eye appealing photographs and allow Jim to use his creativity to it's fullest. The illustration shots are also the photos that Jim sorts through in compiling his Points Of Interest books. Some of his photographs are almost a household name after being published in Points Of Interest. Along with attaining my Mastersmith rating with the ABS, having a knife featured in a Weyer's Points Of Interest book has been one of my knife making goals. We will see when Points Of Interest V comes out!

I have used the Weyers to shoot my knives for the Blade Magazine Calendar for the last two years. The response that I have received is overwhelming. All because I spent the extra dollars to have my knives professionally photographed by the best in the business.

There are many photographers offering their services to the knifemaking fraternity. Price is not always the best deciding factor. Use your best judgement. Check knife magazines and see who's photos are being used. What photos catch your eye?

There are some photographers who set up at the knife shows. In my experience you are better off having the photographer shoot the knife in his or her studio. They have more time, can reshoot, etc. The added cost of shipping and insurance should not override your search for quality.

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