Knifemaking - Learning Your Craft

Since I began making knives in 1988 many people have contacted me regarding knifemaking lessons.

I have had a few apprentices over the years and not only was it a learning experience for them, but as a result of my students questions (and solutions to the same) I also was the recipient of knowledge.

Teaching is really a symbiotic relationship, the student draws from the teacher and in return imparts knowledge to the teacher.

I would suggest reading all that you can on the subject as well as Video's, seminars, etc. After researching you may want to seek out a capable maker teacher to apprentice under. Some makers will charge a daily fee. Some will have you pay for materials used and keep their shop clean.

You can find any number of knifemaking workshops, seminars, hammer-ins and the like throughout the country. Courses are offered in Bladesmithing through the American Bladesmith Society (ABS) and many makers offer weekend classes at a nominal cost.

When you get ready to go on your own it is a good idea to start small. A bench vise, files, hacksaw, and sandpaper is a good start. Don't make a large investment in belt grinders, buffers, saws, etc. before you try your hand at the simpler tasks. Kit knives are a decent start and you can work you way up to bigger and better knife projects in time.
Be sure to have fun!

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