Treasure Hunting USA Vol. 15
ABS Mastersmith - Dave Ellis

A Master of making the Damascus Knife

Text: Dave Ellis
Photos: Hiro Soga

American Bladesmith Society is the United States' greatest organization in the world of forged knifemaking. If you pass its strict functional test and judging, you will receive the title of "Mastersmith." One can imagine its strictness by the fact that currently there are only about 50 people who are entitled to carry the name of Mastersmith. 

They are the iron professionals, who create ideal knives that do not break nor bend, and furthermore, keep their sharpness. At this time, let me introduce Dave Ellis, who became the first Mastersmith in California.


This article has been reproduced with the permission of Knife Magazine. It was featured in their August 1999 Issue. Copyright © 1999 Knife.

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