Ordering a Knife

Over the years I have had many knives made for me. As a maker I will sell knives off of my table at shows and will take a few orders a year.
There are a couple of "rules of thumb" when ordering a knife to be made. If ordering a standard model it is a good idea not to give over a 25% deposit. This should be a sufficient amount for the maker to purchase the materials for the piece with some money left over. With a one of a kind knife I have put down 50% and in rare instances have paid the knife off prior to receipt. This is not a good practice! Many knifemakers have gotten into trouble with this practice. It is a great temptation to use the knife payment to take care of personal needs. Once the money is spent, the maker often feels like he or she is working for nothing. No money is received upon delivery of the knife because you were paid already. When multiplied by countless knife orders you can really get buried.

I have experienced negative results from a buyers standpoint early in my collecting career. I waited for years for an ordered knife (that I paid for in full for) only to have it arrive and not be happy with the finished product. After sending the piece back and waiting another year the knife was delivered. Still not a great piece but after all of the hassles, I kept it. Many makers have stiffed buyers after getting the money "up front". May the buyer beware!

Many makers have knives in stock that are immediately available. most will give a certain period in which you can return the knife if you are not happy with it. As long as the maker has a sound reputation I have no problem with paying "up front" for the piece. I have the same policy for my knives. If you are not happy with any knife purchased from me, return within 30 days of receipt in "as new" condition for a full refund minus shipping costs.

If you want to supply some of the materials used on the knife being made, be sure to ask the maker if there is a discount applied at the outset so that there are no surprises upon delivery and payment time.

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