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I have been attending knife shows for many years. First as a paying customer, than from the other side of the table as a dealer/maker. As much as I enjoy "pressing the flesh" selling on the internet has opened up many new avenues. Worldwide exposure for my knives at a reasonable cost.

Thanks to the internet, my knife business has never been better. Between answering E-Mails, posting new knives for sale and speaking to potential customers on the phone, I am kept quite busy.
I write a new article for the site on almost monthly basis (sometimes I am even on time!). This helps give my site a fresh look. A hit counter helps me keep track of the number of people accessing my site. I have over 40,000 hits to date!

By opening my business to credit card sales, purchases can be made immediately with a click of a button. I also can now accept credit cards at the shows that I attend. This year I will be in Atlanta for the Blade Show (June), New Orleans for the Guild Show and Costa Mesa in October for the Blade Show West.

The website also creates many other sales opportunities. I receive telephone calls regarding knives constantly. Some calls are regarding knife questions in general, some regarding my knives and some folks just want to chat. In any case, I am given the opportunity to talk about knives, one of my favorite things. I have sold knives all around the world and a good number of those contacts were made because of my website.

If you would like to inquire about setting up your own website, please contact Rob at Balance Digital. He has recently redesigned this site and made several updates for me.

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